Valerie Cunningham has been a fashion student, model, and, is currently launching a clothing line with models Tina Baas and Marilyn Collins in 2011.  Runway Models by Valerie has been successfully sending models down the runway and being placed in media such as magazines for over 10 years.

Our models are hand picked by Valerie Cunningham and must undergo test photos, interviews and background check before being accepted into Runway Models by Valerie.  We not only invite, but, encourage family members and friends to accompany prospective models to New York City for the interview process, and, a legal guardian or parent is required to accompany a prospective model who is under the age of 18.

Our models must meet strict standards including:

- Age between 16 and 24
- Height (girls 17 and younger): minimum 168 cm (5'7") barefoot
- Height (girls 18 and older): minimum 170 cm (5'9") barefoot
- Have a minimum BMI (Body Mass Index) of 17.5
- Good attitude with the ability to take orders and direction
- Willingness and ability to travel both domestically and internationally

Our modeling jobs vary from runway work to magazines.  Our models have appeared in Fashion Week in New York, London, and, Paris as well as magazines such as French and German Vogue.

We make no guarantees you will obtain work, even if you are signed on as a model at Runway Models by Valerie.

Think you have what it takes?  Then go to our submission form.